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Making your mail stand out is what we do at
Talco Direct. We partner with you to complement
your organization’s strengths and execute
the best possible mail product.

The Crust


First, a solid foundation. For pizza that's the crust, which can be thin or deep dish, but either way it must be a delicious, yet sturdy, base to build on. For a mail company, it's the people, equipment, knowledge, and experience. Talco Direct is invested in the KC marketplace, with close to three decades of mailing experience here, long-time staffers, industry-best equipment and software.

The Sauce


Next step — sauce it up! The slicing, dicing, and careful simmering that makes for a tasty sauce. With mail, it’s the data hygiene and processing. Merge/purge, NCOA to update moves, Intelligent Mail Barcode to allow real-time tracking of mailpieces as they move through the USPS system (Talco was the first to implement mail tracking in KC). QR codes to drive traffic to customer websites, complete list brokerage service to supplement customer database.

The Ingredients


Ingredients? Just like with a pizza there are lots of choices in mailpiece design. What's the best size for your project — will it be a letter, flat? Where should the address go? What's the difference between a mail panel and a flap? Where should the folds be, tabs or glue? Small adjustments can mean big differences in postage or delivery time. What are the cost advantages and consequences of each of these decisions?

Putting it all Together


Putting it all together. With mail, this is the imaging, whether digital or inkjet, live stamping or permit imprint, machine and hand matching of multiple pieces, multiple versions, inserting letter or flat sizes envelopes, short-run 4-color envelopes, personalized booklets, postcards and mailers.



On-time delivery. Very important for both pizza and mail. Nobody wants a cold pizza (unless it's the next day's lunch). At Talco, our attention to your schedule and on-time delivery of your mail to USPS is unsurpassed.

So that's the "Pizza Scenario" for direct mail
and we'd like to invite you to learn more about how
Talco can help you prepare the perfect direct mail project. Please come for lunch, and we'll talk
direct mail and enjoy, what else...PIZZA*!

*This message was brought to you by pizza, the official lunch of Talco Direct, Inc.


816-525-7070  |  800-881-7479

110 SE 5th Street  |  Lee's Summit, MO 64063

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